Cutting and Drawing

The Gigant hydraulic presses can be provided with a number of accessories to allow the sheet metal cutting (in perimetral sheet or disk shapes) and following drawing process within the same press working cycle.


Deep Drawing and Reverse deep drawing

Deep drawing is a “non-conventional” stamping process and one of the best strengths of Gigant hydraulic presses. The deep drawing process involves the upper and the lower effect (blank-holder, as a reaction element). Through its pressure control is assured the sheet metal straining and elongation. When in presence of reverse deep drawing, it is possible to obtain a deeper deep-drawing effect. This happens when the sheet metal is subjected to a number of deep-drawing sequences where the pieces position is inverted during the working phase and the sheet metal thicknesses is progressively reduced (also known as Bauschinger effect).
During the working process, the position of the piece can also be reversed (reverse redrawing) to obtain a particular very deep final shape. Up to 4 effects may sometimes be necessary, plus an extraction one from the die.



The Gigant hydraulic presses can also be employed in the Embossing procedure for specific parts forming (bulging-rubber-forming) by means of dies fitted with rubber inserts (elastomers) and rods with a final shape and that act on the rubber, which consequently forms the sheet metal (process typically used for aluminium alloys employed in the Avio sector’s components).