Keywords are: Integration and Automation!
Presses and sheet metal power supply system

We can offer coil handling systems for sheets metal and positioned at the entrance side of the press. Other feeding systems may be considered, for instance, when the square or disk is required.

Presses and robots for loading/unloading

Together with our hydraulic presses we can also offer a robot system in a single package that is suitable for loading/unloading the parts to be drawn inside the die. In some cases (i.e. when these are fully automated working islands), the robots can be directly installed on the press structure.

Presses with automatic line

An integrated automatic press system allows the transfer of pieces produced from one press to the next one in the line, or to the next tool when in presence of a press fitted with multi-dies system

Our software, to the fullest!

A perfect integration. In automated lines or with interlocking systems, the Hi-Gigant Software gives its best. All obviously in a 4.0 perspective to integrate with the company production and management systems.

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