Gigant Industries Supply Chain

The SCM organization aims to intensify and improve the collaboration with our business partners and provide them with all relevant information about being an GIGANT INDUSTRIES supplier.
‘We strive to help our customers succeed’ is one of Gigant’s core business values. We aim to set the highest standards for the quality of our products and services, meet delivery commitments to our customers and offer value for their business. We view our suppliers as an integral extension of our global enterprise and strive for a transparent and efficient collaboration with best-in-class suppliers from which all our stakeholders benefit – customers, Gigant Industries and suppliers.

Gigant recognizes our suppliers as a valued and integral component of our company’s long-term success. Therefore, Gigant is committed to providing technical resources to our suppliers to support their development and enable them to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Gigant is able to leverage its global resources and strengths to assist suppliers in areas such as continuous process improvement, lean manufacturing, and quality management. In participating in the Supplier Development Process, suppliers will share in Gigant’s R&D and technology capabilities.

The optimization of our supply chain is the key element of our strategy of Supply Chain Management.

Potential suppliers are asked to fill the Supplier qualification questionnaire, attach scans of certificates and documents requested in the form and send it to the contact GIGANT Supply Chain reference.

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